Thursday, 13 August 2015

Another Week Gone By

 ...and this time it really is Thursday (afternoon).

Monday - Irregular Wars - the first time played against a live opponent.  Chris won convincingly with his Mesoamericans (versus my Conquistadores).

My crossbow & shot proved to be very weak in melee (1) and the artillery even worse (-1).  The knights, on the other hand, were unkillable.  'Natives' out of command range were skittish and prone to run away.  Suit-wearers & cuachic were made of a much harder material.

Setting up went more smoothly than expected although I pre-set the terrain but offered the choice of starting side to my opponent.  Cards were drawn (but were largely forgotten about).  Dicing for army composition gave the 'natives' plenty of troops and the Spanish precious few.

We soon fell into the rhythm of Initiative - Shooting - Movement - Melee.   I'm sure we missed a lot of things in our 2 hours of play but there you go!  Finding references in the rules section was far from easy (not happy with the layout/format).  Didn't find the QRs very helpful either.

Looks like I am going to have to revise the rules layout. So far I have split them into sections - set up, main, campaigns, chance cards and QRs. Now I need to simplify and clarify.

An unforseen difficulty was that my opponent could not remember which figures represented what (he also had trouble with the facing of same).  I will have to come up with some way of marking and/or numbering each base.  Initial thoughts are for a 'rock' at the back of each base with a number painted on.  Needs some thought.

All in all it was a useful exercise and thanks to Chris for indulging me.

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