Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wednesday (just) 25th July 2012

Just a brief introduction.

I was determined to set up a wargames blog as soon as I acquired a digital camera.  Now a proud owner of a Fuji S5700 (thanks to Carole for the donation).  It has far too many gadgets and settings at the moment and my first attempts at photographing minnies have been somewhat less than successful.  I need to build myself a light-box and get used to the macro and super-macro buttons.  Time will tell.

My main interest has been Ancients with Colonial, American War of Independence and Renaissance as secondary periods.  Have ventured into Sci-Fi and even WW1 in East Africa but I am not interested in WW2 or Napoleonics (although the South American wars tempt me).

Hopefully when I get to grips with the camera and have built the light-box I can really start posting!

By the way the title comes from a quote by Oliver P Smith - Korea 1950.

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