Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My first step in minnie photography.

Couldn't wait to try out my camera especially the macro / super-macro facilities:

 Using my painting table and one inspection lamp - unfinished Zulus.

 Addition of one extra lamp - really shows colours (but distorts them slightly) - too much light 'bounce' as well.
 Don't know how I achieved this effect - the searing sun... Gad Sir!...the flies...the dessert....

 Stage 2 - using photographic (white) boards as base and back-plate.  Two overhead lamps.

Managed a close up of a single figure.  Doesn't it show the lack of facial detail and the incomplete painting?

Took other pictures of British colonial forces but the colours were wrong.  You cannot tell dark green from dark blue.  I must get around to building a light box.  Trouble is that other priorities are pressing - loft insulation workmen coming soon.

Any suggestions from the more experienced photographers would be welcome.

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