Saturday, 14 April 2018

Bits & Bobs

I finally got around to finishing off the two Chinese chariots that Chris sold me (except for the bases):

This releases 2 of my 'dual use' 4h chariots to the early Carthaginians.

Still working on my Incas - long job with all those chequered patterns.

Round Up
 Monday 2nd April 2018 - WDW

Thinly attended meeting - bank holiday and pouring rain (of course).

Kings of the Battlefield - Hanoverians plus other 'German' states v French
WW1 6mm Mesopotamia - DBA variant No.1

Monday 9th April 2018 - WDW

Square Bashing - Austrians v Italians 1915
Kings of the Battlefield - Malburian
WW1 6mm - DBA variant No.2
DBM - Sha-t'o Turkish v Khurasanian - only picked the Turks because they were on the facing page.  Threw good combat dice to break the enemy centre. It was Andy's first foray into 'proper' Arabs.  He will, no doubt, alter his army composition and try again later. 

Slingshot 316:
Part 1 of an article by Nicholas Spratt - "Holiday in Cambodia" Many photos of the Bayon Galleries - interesting.

Otherwise a bit of a yawn - battles of Paraetacene, Chalons & Ad Decimum. 

Can't help thinking that the Society of Ancients / Slingshot has lost it's way.  In the 70s & 80s it was a resource for information hungry wargamers.  It provided a sense of camerarderie, even a community of sorts.  Now the internet is the first goto for obscure military information. 

Slingshot needs to find a niche.  I would suggest that extended battle reports would be better placed on the website / blog.  The internet is incredibly useful but much of its data is superficial (and access can be restricted).  Maybe more original research should be published.

Sad to say that I will not be renewing my subscription.

Saturday 14th April 2018 - Gt. Houghton

3 rounds of DBA v3.0

1)  Sea Peoples v Trojans - 4:0 to me
2)  Pre-Feudal Scots v Anglo-Danish - 5:0 win but a cagey fight until the end.
3)  Early Egyptian v Nubian - 3:5(7) loss. There was a point where we were 3:3 and I attacked a 3Bd with 2 x Horde and a Ps.  One Horde was on the flank but Ian escaped.  After that he killed both hordes plus two more elements.  The dice gods are ever capricious. 

This was the first outing for my 20mm 'biblical' plastics in quite some years.  The Egyptians were built as a full Armati, New Kingdom, army including all options.  For the earlies I had to improvise some horde from Hittites - that I only seem to have 8 x spearmen for!

Looks like I will have to unearth my stache of unpainted 'biblicals' to see if I can improve the situation.   Oh well - just another line of soldiers to paint - sigh!


4 scenarios for Saga - "Rescue the Hostage", "When you can’t pillage burn",  "I just want to get home" and "Death in a Tight Place".

Aldi purchase - 1 metre x 2 metre grass mat £6.99 - a hell of a lot better than the green paper that I have been using for test games.  Ideally it would have been 3' x 4' but you have to blame europe for something.

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