Thursday, 9 November 2017

Getting Out

Monday 6th November 2017 - WDW

Got a lift tonight (thanks Tim) so I know, first hand, what went on.

Quebec 1759 - boardgame - convincingly won by John Smith
Impetus - Normans v Saxons - the Norman left came charging forward and got stuck.  After that it seemed to be a bit of a grind.
Honours of War - Prussians v Russians - the DBM group playing 7YW for a change.  I took part but it was such a slow battle.  Don't know if it was the rules (Osprey) or just the period.  Think that I would rather watch paint dry.
DBA v3.0 - Medieval clash of knights - neither player was enamored with the rules.

Tuesday 7th November 2017

My copy of Slingshot arrived.

The contents include:

"Speed in Action" - Paionian Cavalry - quite interesting
"Maths, Musings and Mistakes" - casualty calculations
"Arsuf Battle Day" - short report
"Fearsome Weapons" - early firearms and bows
"The Second (Plastic) Punic War - Part 2" - 28mm figures
"China's Defences"

Only had time to read the first article so I will reserve judgement.

Thursday 9th November 2017

PSR has reviewed the Caesar H029 box - Ancient Chinese Shang vs Zhou Dynasty Troopers -
(that I purchased last week).

The initial trawl through my books and the internet revealed very little information other than this box covers a very long time period.  As is often the case where manufacturers produce figures that appeal to the eye of young buyers these models are of the elite warriors.  The rank and file would have been much more poorly armed and armoured but are unrepresented. 

Not sure what I am going to do with these latest recruits - most likely they will just gather dust.

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