Thursday, 13 July 2017

The Place Was Packed!

Saturday 8th July 2017

Slingshot 312 finally showed up.  More interesting, for me, than the previous issue - "The Second Sui Invasion of Koguryo" by Nicolas Spratt and "The Battle of Amnias 89 bc" by Richard Andrews being of particular note.

Horbury Library - Andrew put on a WW2 game based upon the "One Hour Wargame" book.  Some interest shown.

Monday 10th July 2017 - WDW - 17 people in attendance - is this a weekday record?

A pile of these mags was dropped onto a table with the general invitation to take what you wanted - these are the three that I fancied.  There was also cake contributed by the same 60 year old (I can vaguely remember being that young).

HotT competition - 'round robin' divisional play starting.  Tim took on Andrew (Lizardmen v Wood Elves).  Surprisingly the Lizardmen were triumphant in a very long game. 

"Heroes of Normandy" boardgame set up by Bob but the Hott game dragged on too long.

Trafalgar - naval games with ships of the line are always a treat for the eyes.

Black Powder - Texans v Mexicans - an unusual period - Deany seems to have so many PAINTED figures!

DBM - Hussite v Yorkist - a boooooring game with no conclusion.

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