Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Blog Too Far

Monday 13th March 2017 - WDW

"King of the Battlefield" - French v Prussians

"In Magnificent Style" - boardgame adaptation to hex terrain - Pickett's Charge (ACW).  Seemed to go quite well with two players (Confederates) trying to cross the board and taking heavy casualties in the process.  Realistic anyway!

DBM - Samurai v Xi-Xia - just another day when I should have stayed in bed.  My fighting dice were appalling - its rare to see so many ones in succession.  Alright, my set-up could have been better and Andy's Lh(S) didn't really get off the starting blocks.  On my left I had superior numbers of Bw(I) v enemy Bw(I) on a steep hill.  So how come I lost 5 and Al none?

Wednesday 15th March 2017

Received an email telling me that 'Triumph" has been updated to v 0.5.  I dutifully downloaded same and printed it out.  An amendment sheet would have been nice!

If you are thinking Manuel's catch phrase ("I know nothing!") here's a brief explanation.  'Triumph' is based upon DBA plus a number of additions from the forum and DBA Fanaticus.  More troop types are available including Raiders, Rabble, Elite Foot, Horde and Pavisiers.

The best part, I think, is the terrain system.  One side throw a d6 to choose which page and the other side throws a second d6 to determine which of the 6 diagrams to pick.  The maps are simplistic but do give a better outcome than DBM(M) (WRG has always made a pig's ear of this).

I had been looking through a load of rule sets that I have purchased or downloaded during the past year.  I'm sure that, at the time,it seemed like a good idea.  If I had payed out good money for a rules set then maybe  I might actually use them!  The butterfly mind of a wargamer is prone to this self-delusion.  Triumph was going to be my next trial after QR/TPL [last week].   Now I will have to thoroughly re-read the set before I can begin.  Also need to look at the revised army lists.

Microsoft forced another update upon me late in the evening.  After I had re-booted I tried getting onto the internet - eureka!  The boffins had undone the mess they had caused with the previous data.  Why, Oh Why, doesn't Microsoft check their work BEFORE inflicting it upon their customers?

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