Sunday, 1 February 2015

Vapnartak Booty

The weather held off for my trip to York (it didn't snow until I was almost home).  Traffic on the outward journey was OK but coming back I soon got off the A64 - two lanes trying to carry far too heavy a load.

The show itself was very crowded; £2 levy on the cash machines; £2 for a simple cup of coffee and parking on mud.  Still I didn't have to pay for entry (being an old codger).

My 'shopping list' included 15mm Thracians, Chinese, Colonial Portuguese & Middle Imperial Roman.  What I actually purchased was:

12 - Thracian Noble Cavalry
12 - Thracian peltasts
8 - Legio Lanciarii  [upon getting home I realised that I needed 24 figures, not 8]

In addition:

1 box - HaT 8059 - Persian Heavy Infantry
1 box - HaT 8076 - Persian Medium Cavalry
1 box - Hat 8057 - Persian Light Infantry
1 box - Call to Arms 1/32 Royalist Musketeers (S3)
1 box - Call to Arms - 1/32 Pikemen (S2)
1 box - Call to Arms - 1/32 Royalists v Parliament (S1)

The first 3 boxes will go towards my Mede army for Impetus.
The last 3 were a whim - but at 50p per box I could not resist.

Quite a number of the WDW crowd were there and I met up with a few old friends.  Sadly one of them informed me that his wife had been diagnosed with early onset alzheimers.  This placed my minor niggles about the show into perspective.

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