Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Xmas Cheer

Not a lot of it around this year - I'm full of cold - coughing, spluttering, etc.  Such is life!

On the positive side being out of circulation has meant that I have done quite a bit of reading lately.

Border Reivers: proved interesting if a bit unsatisfying (like most Osprey books I find).  The Currours will no doubt be converted in due course.

Irregular Wars 2nd Edition:  really a heap better than the first edition.  Can't wait to try out the rules.  Optional cards are way too expensive though.

Not wanting to mess about with re-basing and considering that my 20mm plastics are already set for DBA-RRR, I went in search of  the 'unused' Meso-American 15mm figures.

It turns out that I have:
             a considerable number of Aztecs (mainly Tin Soldier and Minifigs);
             some Tupi (Grumpys & Gladiator), Maya (Gladiator ),
             plus a few Incas(Minifigs) & Eskimos(MY Miniatures).

Can't help feeling that there may be some American Indians somewhere lurking about (also MY)!

European opposition is sadly lacking though - only some Wars of the Roses figures that could be press-ganged into use.  Hopefully Vapnatak will provide the answer!!!

Anyway ..... although I do not celebrate xmas for those who do may I wish you all a


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