Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Est Arrive

No not the Beaujolais (that's in November) but the 60mm bases.  At the first opportunity I put painted figures on bare bases and got on with the flocking.  So here are the additions:

On the left - 4 elements of Portuguese colonial musketeers (with very bright feathers courtesy of South American birds of paradise).
On the right - 1 element of Russian Blades plus 3 Dutch shot.

On the left - Spanish colonial soldiers - Escopeteros (ex WoR Courers), 4-to-a-base Blades & 1 shot.
On the right - 3 Lh (haven't decided exactly where each is going).

This means that I now have 11 x DBA-RRR armies ready to fight - Free Cossacks, Danish 30YW, French 30YW, German Catholic, German Protestant, Ottoman Turks, Portuguese Colonial, Russians, Safavid Persians, Spanish Colonial & Early Gustavian Swedish.

Yesterday was another DBM scrap - Ancient British (with Roman ally) v Syracusans.  The dice gods were capricious granting large movement scores only to wait until you were over-extended then serve up a '1'.  Combat dice were no better with me losing 3 cavalry in one round even though I was on even or better odds. 

Come the final round the first combat dice-off killed 3 of our hoplites and the central command collapsed.  Two of the enemy warband fell leaving only two more needed to break the enemy centre.  The remaining dice-offs did nothing until there was only my lone cavalryman to try his luck.  I rolled the bones and turned away to get the tin ready.  6-2 was enough to snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat. 

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