Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Short Note

Well the second 12 round DBM Ancients tournament came to a really dull end.

Lysimachus faced off against Seleucus but the pikes never got into contact (surprise! surprise!).  After 2, boring, hours a draw was offered on the grounds that neither side was going to advance into dangerous territory.

The standings at the end of round two left 'guess who' at the bottom of the heap -  7 points behind the leader.  A closer result than round one (where I was second).

So what conclusions can be drawn?

Wb(F) were pretty ineffective - regularly dashing themselves against (thin) walls of Bd(O).
Whoever chooses the first army can sneak a considerable advantage if they pick a time period when their major opponents couldn't recruit their best troops.
Trying to get through BUAs is a nightmare - it can effectively close down a flank.

Now we have two weeks off.  On the 3rd March I will take along my 20mm Renaissance figures for a game of DBA-RRR.   The following Monday is the AGM so nothing serious planned for that date either.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get some painting done in the meantime!

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