Saturday, 27 July 2013

Work in Progress - Renaissance Spanish

Well.....after all that analysis I just went on and started painting.  Not just Spanish but a couple of 30YW command bases:

30YW Swedish (Confederate cavalryman), 30YW French (temporary mounted figure) 
and Spanish Colonial.

On my painting table are the following:

16 - Crossbow                                18 - Sword & Buckler                            20 - Muskets   
24 -  Half-pikes                                 8 - Pikes                                                 9 - Indian Bow
15 - Indian Blades                             1 - Gun (plus 3 crew)                              3 - Lancers

Only 4 of the pikes have metal armour - the other four are cloth.  I have decided to allocate the former to a Spanish Imperial army for the Dutch Rebellion period.  The cloth four will become a colonial unit. 

Half-pikes provide an interesting problem.  Given their "Irregular" nature, and the terrain they had to work in, to me they are like Ax(X) in DBM terms so should be 3 to a base. 

(All conversions of musketeers)

Sword & buckler men are an easier decision - surely Bd(F) in DBM terms and therefore 3 to a base.
Muskets - I'm still torn between 3 or 4 to a base (any suggestions?).

Looks like this project is growing in an 'organic' manner in spite of its 'scientific' start.  Next thing to deal with is the 'native' problem.  Oh Well!

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