Sunday, 7 April 2013

Back to Colonials

Back to Colonials

With only 4 elements of hoplites to finish the Zulus have come back onto the painting board.  There are a lot of them to do...........and they are so boring!  I wonder why I stopped before.  Oh Well!

Not content with that much self-flagellation I purchased 2 new boxes at the Halifax shop:

HaT 8299 - Zulu War command - horrible red coloured plastic, have to be very careful when cutting figures  off the sprue as it's not clear what is wanted and what's not.

Strelets M051 - Highlanders 1898-1902 - a really tough sprue to carve your way through, figures seem a bit squashed or crouched.  Not certain how many Scots regiments fought in kilts at this time, nor the conflicts of such a short time-period.  Needs some research methinks!

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