Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Curate's Egg

A Curate's Egg

I recently picked up 10 boxes of HaT figures at £2.50 each.  Not from Ebay or similar but the result of the closure of the Wakefield Model Shop.  They had been on Dewsbury Road since 1968 - friendly and knowledgeable staff - a wide range of modelling materials & kits.

Over the past decade similar shops in Doncaster, Barnsley, Pontefract & Castleford have all closed down.  Last year the Halifax shop moved to Union Street - it only holds about one-third of its previous stocks.  Looks like I will have to check out all the possibles in Leeds and Sheffield!

Although tempted to grab all the remaining plastic soldiers I restrained myself.  There were no 'colonial' figures but some 'biblicals':

HaT    8092     Assyrian Infantry (x2)
HaT    8121     Assyrian Allied Infantry
HaT    8125     Assyrian Cavalry (x2)
HaT    8128     Assyrian Army (x3)
HaT    8132     Sumerian Infantry (x2)

8 boxes of Assyrians is a pretty good basis for an army - but it's a bit short on the chariot arm.
2 boxes of Sumerians is a bit of nothing really (so these are still in the box and on the sprues).

Everybody likes a bargain but I would rather pay full price on all these sets if it brought back a shop that I have spent many a happy half-hour in.

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