Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Dr Who Miniatures

A short review of miniatures on the front of "Dr Who Adventures" issue 284.

The assembled company:
5 x Daleks (1 blue, 1 red, 1 orange, 1 white & 1 tangerine) - 36mm
2 x Weeping Angels (grey) - 38mm
2 x Silents (flesh) - 43mm
2 x Sontaruns (blue) - 32mm
2 x Silurians (light green) - 41mm
1 x Ood (flesh) - 40mm
1 x Judoon (dark grey) - 38mm
2 x Cybermen (dark silver) - 39mm
1 x Minotaur (flesh) - 42mm
2 x Handbots (white) - 42mm

17 figures for £2.75 (approx 16p each)

General - lots of seam lines, horrible bendy plastic, very static poses.
I suppose I can understand the last point as there is a race game in the magazine for them to be used on.  Still it wouldn't hurt to have made them a bit more animated.

Weeping Angels: Probably the best of the bunch - but the arms are too short on the second one.
Dalek: bog standard - I already have 34 of them.

Judoon: OK but very static
Silents:  very thin and the horrible plastic meant that they were very hard to straighten
Handbots: look as though they are just going into a dance routine!
Silurians:  another to suffer from the bendy plastic   

Ood: Another static piece
Cyberman:  head is elongated - has he been switched off?
Minotaur: Interesting, somewhat hunched, figure
Sontarun: Are they really that small?

So far I have carried out the first prep stage - Arial concentrate, rinse, thin white glue, dry.
Next comes out the knives and files.  Undercoat to follow.  Watch this space.

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